Difference between a power battery and an energy storage battery!

December 7, 2022

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What is the difference between a power battery and an energy storage battery? How to distinguish between a power battery and an energy storage battery
If batteries are classified according to application scenarios, they can be divided into three categories: consumer-grade batteries, power batteries, and energy storage batteries. So what is the difference between power batteries and energy storage batteries? The specific content is as follows:

1. Different application scenarios

Power batteries are mainly used in vehicles such as new energy vehicles, electric bicycles, and electric trains, while energy storage batteries are mostly used as batteries for renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, and hydropower.


2. The life cycle is different

Among the current mainstream power batteries, the life of ternary lithium batteries is generally 1200 charge and discharge cycles, and that of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 2000 times. Energy storage batteries have higher requirements for cycle life due to more frequent charge and discharge. , the life of the general energy storage battery is required to be 3500-5000 charge and discharge cycles.


3. Different volume

Power batteries are mostly used in new energy vehicles. The volume of a battery is equivalent to a dozen or twenty large carpets stacked together, while energy storage batteries are generally composed of multiple battery modules to form a large module, and then composed of many large modules. The volume is close to the energy storage battery of a container.


4. Different cost structures

In the energy storage battery system, the cost of the battery accounts for 60%, the cost of the energy storage inverter accounts for 20%, the energy management system accounts for 10%, and the High Voltage BMS(battery management system) accounts for 5%. In the power battery, the cost of battery cells alone accounts for as high as 80%, and the remaining 20% ​​are BMS(battery management systems), structural parts, auxiliary materials, etc.


As for how to distinguish between power batteries and energy storage batteries, the easiest way is to look at the purpose of the batteries. At present, power batteries are mostly used as the power source of new energy vehicles, while energy storage batteries can basically only be used in solar power stations and wind power stations. , hydroelectric power stations and other places can be found.


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