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Company News About Do you know this about BMS?
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Do you know this about BMS?

Latest company news about Do you know this about BMS?

Ethernet communication technology has the following typical application cases in energy storage systems:
Large-scale power grid energy storage station
Large-scale power grid energy storage projects are usually composed of multiple MW-level battery energy storage devices. The use of Ethernet technology can realize high-speed data exchange between energy storage units and support centralized monitoring and unified dispatching. For example, a 500MW energy storage power station of the State Grid widely uses Ethernet technology for intelligent management.
Commercial/industrial energy storage system
Large-scale shopping malls, factories and other places are often equipped with energy storage systems to improve power utilization efficiency. High-voltage BMS uses Ethernet interface to achieve seamless connection with building automation system or industrial control gateway to achieve comprehensive energy management.
Microgrid/island grid
Microgrid and island grid are often composed of multiple distributed power sources, and energy storage systems are required to provide frequency regulation, peak-valley filling and other functions. Ethernet technology is conducive to building energy management and dispatching systems for microgrids.
Electric vehicle charging station
With the popularization of electric vehicles, charging stations require large-scale energy storage systems to balance the load of the power grid. High-voltage BMS can access the charging station management platform through Ethernet to support remote monitoring and intelligent dispatching of battery packs.
Internet of Things Applications
In the era of the Internet of Things, energy storage systems are increasingly integrated into various smart application scenarios, such as smart buildings and smart transportation. Ethernet communication is conducive to the deep integration of energy storage systems with other subsystems.
In general, Ethernet technology provides high-speed, flexible and economical communication solutions for energy storage systems, playing a key role in improving the intelligence level of energy storage systems.

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In the safety protection technology of high-voltage BMS, there are the following main differences between hardware protection and software protection:

Protection mechanism
Hardware protection is a physical level protection mechanism implemented through circuit design, such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature and other protection circuits. Once an abnormality is detected, the hardware will immediately cut off the circuit and provide a quick response.
Software protection is a protection mechanism implemented through monitoring algorithms and logical judgments, and it is necessary to judge abnormal conditions through steps such as data acquisition, signal processing, and fault diagnosis. The response speed is relatively slow.
Hardware protection circuits are usually more reliable because there are no programming and logic errors in the software. Even if the main control CPU fails, the hardware protection circuit can still work independently.
Software protection needs to rely on the normal operation of the main control system, and the reliability is relatively low, but it can provide more flexible protection strategies.
**Protection range
Hardware protection generally protects a single physical quantity, such as voltage, current, temperature, etc.
Software protection can comprehensively consider multiple physical quantities and establish a more comprehensive protection logic. At the same time, the software can also realize fault diagnosis and early warning functions.
Maintenance method
Once the hardware protection circuit is designed, it is difficult to upgrade and optimize it later.
Software protection can optimize and improve the protection strategy through program upgrades to meet the needs of different application scenarios.
In summary, high-voltage BMS usually adopts a combination of hardware protection and software protection to give full play to their respective advantages and build multiple safety protection mechanisms to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the batter

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