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Company News About Overcoming Challenges in Mixed Battery Systems with GCE BMS Integration
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Overcoming Challenges in Mixed Battery Systems with GCE BMS Integration

Latest company news about Overcoming Challenges in Mixed Battery Systems with GCE BMS Integration

Mixed battery systems, involving the combination of new and old modules, present challenges in maintaining consistent capacity and current distribution. However, by embedding the GCE BMS solution, these issues can be effectively addressed, providing customers with a flexible and reliable solution to alleviate their concerns.

In scenarios where a single module within a cluster is replaced, the maximum capacity of the cluster remains limited by the capacity of the older modules. However, if the newly installed module has a higher actual capacity, the GCE BMS can utilize balancing control to equalize the capacities of the new and old modules, ensuring optimal performance.


In parallel systems, the replacement of an entire cluster can exacerbate current disparities during charging and discharging, leading to varying capacities among clusters. For example, a new cluster with lower internal resistance may experience higher current flow under the same voltage conditions, resulting in a greater charge within the same duration. In such cases, the GCE BMS collaborates with the inverter or PCS, enabling each cluster to reach its full capacity during charging. However, controlling the discharge current across clusters when they are combined becomes more challenging.

By integrating the GCE BMS solution, mixed battery systems, especially high voltage applications, can effectively address capacity and current distribution challenges. The GCE BMS offers flexibility, stability, and reliability, ensuring optimal performance and alleviating customer concerns. With the GCE BMS embedded, customers can confidently navigate various real-world challenges associated with high voltage battery systems, providing peace of mind for their operations.